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Welcome to the Ballin' Outrageous Website.

The Site is currently under construction, and likely will be until Cataclysm.
In the mean time, feel free to join the site and start customizing you account.
Let me or Brad know if you need anything.

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Glory of the Hero!

Saunt, Nov 11, 10 9:05 PM.
The first of many achievements to come! Ballin' Outrageous destroyed these heroics, good job gents!

Patch 4.01 Released Today!!

Saunt, Oct 12, 10 5:29 PM.
As many of us know, the new Pre-Cataclysm patch, 4.01, is being released today. Or should I say tomorrow, since Blizz will likely keep the servers down until then! Anyway, have fun with your new talents!

Huge Razer Giveaway!!!

Saunt, Oct 7, 10 11:02 PM.
Razer is having a sweepstakes, and if you don't know how sick their gear is... where have you been? I have the Razer Lycosa keyboard, and it's easily the best keyboard I've ever owned. So, here's the link to the sweepstakes:

Sign up and hopefully one of us will win some ballin' outrageous gear!

Or we could stop being cheap and buy things..... Nah.

- Saunt

Glenn Hall Ventrilo Server Active!

Saunt, Oct 7, 10 11:43 AM.
Thanks to our fearless leader and his supporters, we now have a Ventrilo server for all of Glenn Hall. The server is large enough for us to use with no problem! See the info to the right for the main information. Brad/LawfulAwesome will give you the password if you succeed in passing the trials (extremely dangerous).


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